Sure Guardian Lite Edition
SureGuardian for your Home
Make sure your home computer is protected from malicious online threats. The ideal solution for your digital data security - and your peace of mind!

Sure Guardian Pro Edition
SureGuardian for your Business
Providing a comprehensive security solution for every desktop and laptop in a corporate environment. Avoid sensitive business data loss.

Sure Guardian Server Edition
SureGuardian for Windows Server
Effective antivirus program for Windows-based server computers. Efficient and hassle-free: it can be easily managed from a central location.

About Us

Most vendors provide complicated over featured protection that the normal user just cannot use 60% off. We feel that it is time for the normal user is provided with a product that is simple and just works. SureGuardian Antivirus is a security software company formed in 2012 with a head office in Central America.

Long experience

SureGuardian Antivirus was founded in 2012 by a group of people with a long background in the software security industry. Our staff have used the experienced gained in other antivirus companies to produce our own unique solutions.

Most users want software security products that keep their computer safe and preferably something they do not even notice until it is needed.

Software piracy is a growing concern for all companies, including us. That is why we wanted to make it simple. You download it and you use it. We do not have a hidden agenda. However if you are looking for more options, you might consider upgrading to the Pro version.

Join us on our journey

Our focus as a company is to continue to develop and distribute software that fulfils the needs of our users, is affordable and simple to use we hope that you will join us on this journey.